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    Welcome on the paragliding world show, click on Paragliding TV
  • Flypa 2009

    Flypa 2009
    Flypa Festival 2009, the great Spanish event on line, from 25 to 30th may 2009 in Los Realejos, click on official website to get more information; take off webcam, video gallery, concerts...Flypa 2009
  • Wagas Festival 2009

    Wagas festival 09
    Wagas Festival 2009, Freestyle events, Dune du Pyla (Aquitaine/ France) start from 27 to 31th May 2009, more information on:

  • Coupe Icare 2009

    The new Coupe Icare edition is planned on 17th to 20th september 2009 in St Hilaire du Touvet. Usual Program: Icare Film Festival, Icare Expo ( Manufacturer show room), Icare Show, Icarnaval... more information click here:
    Coupe Icare Official Website
    St Hilaire du Touvet Tourism Office
  • X'Alps Redbull Challenge

    Red Bull X'Alps 07/19/2009
    818 kms Adventure Race hiking and flying only.Visit the official
    Red Bull website for more information and live tracking.
  • Bawue Airgames Festival

    Bawue Airgames Festival (Germany) 29th May & 1st  June 2009
  • Red Bull X'Alps 07

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  • X'Fly 2009

    The first edition of X'Fly 08 was a hit, friendly event in the Mont blanc area. This cross country contest is open to all level pilots; 160 kms Paragliding Xc/ Raid/ Bivouac from Passy (Haute savoie/ france to) to Gresse en Vercors ( Isere/ France), next date of this event is planned from 04 to 10 july 2009
    You can get more information about X'fly 08 results and X'fly 09 program from the following websites:
    The X'Fly official website
    Tourism Office Passy Plaine Joux
  • 4807 Flying Light/ Mt Blanc Summit Challenge

    10/05/2009 to 10/12/2009 start The 4807 Flying Light, you need mountainering skills and be sure you are self-sufficient, capable pilot to take off from the Mont Blanc summit.  This event is week lon and includes a great show room for manufacturers in St Gervais (Haute Savoie/ France). More information on official website:
    4807 Flying Light
  • Acro Tour 2009

    3rd World Air games 6-13th June 2009
    Acroaria 6-09th August 2009
    Paranoia Acrobatixx17-19th July 2009
    You can consult Just Acro Website to get more Acro events information